Wednesday, August 22, 2018

How to Style: Blue color Statement Mules

So, this post is a styling inspiration for my recent Shoe Lovin' Post which is a random post that comes up on the blog every now and then showing trendy affordable shoes with shopping links on where to get them. The beautiful satin bow Mules from Ann Taylor featured in these sets is currently on sale. The cobalt blue shade would certainly add a pop of color to any outfit and since it is a statement piece, it can make a plain and simple outfit stand out. The "sets" in this post is an inspiration on how I would love to style the shoes first for the remaining days of summer in the first set and then for fall in the second set. Happy viewing and styling.



                                                        Thanks so much for stopping by



  1. Hi Beauty,
    How are you my friend? These shoes are beautiful. I love the blue.

  2. So great to hear from you again. Anyhoo, these Ann Taylor mules look great, Beauty:) I love this shade of blue, and both outfits are chic.


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