This is a personal blog that is open to the public and as much as I appreciate your readership and followership, I would want you to be aware of some terms and conditions of readership.


Please, be aware that this is a public fashion blog and that means that the  contents can be viewed by anyone including pictures and comments left on the blog. The contents you find here can also be viewed on any of my other social networks if I choose to also share them on here. Whenever I use pictures and materials from outside sources, I ensure that those materials are for public viewing and enjoyment and that I am not infringing anyone's copyright. Also, I always link back to the sources from which I received and/or extracted those materials.

This blog is funded and managed by me and I do not sell or share any information from this blog with others or any third party. If you decide to leave a comment or engage in any discussion on here, you are bound by the privacy terms on this blog that your contribution and personal profile can be viewed by the public. If you have any questions about the privacy policy or any other item on the blog, you may contact me by e-mail.

*This Privacy policy is subject to change without notice to anyone but you can always find any amendment or updated information listed on here.


Please, know that most text and pictures on this blog are solely my creation, opinion and expression and I give credit whenever I use outside sources. If you are planning to use any content from this blog, please, link back here (to this blog) and if you need any specific information, you can contact me via my e-mail;


                                        Thanks so much for reading

                                                  Beauty Ojo

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