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Hello and thanks for stopping by here. I am Beauty Ojo, the Writer of this blog. I started this blog in 2012 as a space for me to share my love for creative writing and fashion. I have a Bachelors degree in Law from West Africa where I was born and raised before migrating to the United States in my twenties and an A.S. Degree in Legal Studies and a B.A. in English from Metropolitan State University in Saint Paul Minnesota. I am married with four kids.

My love for writing and publishing started at a young age when I was about seven and could read and write. I drew illustrations and made comic books to share with friends at school and I continued with it way into my adult age. In 2012, I decided to swap my pencils and drawing paper for the computer and that is how this blog started. I have not been able to share my personal drawings and illustrations on here but I do find joy in writing and publishing my fashion posts and sharing my style boards and and I hope you can enjoy and be inspired by a thing or two while you are here.

                                                               Thanks so much for reading.

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For collaborations, contact me: E-mail: boteri2002@yahoo.com

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